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8 Jul 2017

Beer apps in huge demand for iPhone and Android; grab them today!


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Posted By Hattie T.

The "Find Craft Beer" iPhone app is one of the most popular beer apps in the US which is used for finding craft beer even in remote places. Additionally even if you do not have the required time, budget and a strong liver to keep pace with beer guzzlers, you can definitely fake your capacity with some of the apps which can be downloaded to your smartphone for a handful of dollars or even for free.

The apps serve well in this wretchedly complex world of brews and it becomes crystal clear to even the non-beer drinking guy. Android has a definite edge over iPhone in terms of number of beer apps. The immensely popular BeerCloud which is available for free and Find Craft Beer which is available for $1, are available to both iPhone and Android users. The best ones are for the Android platform only, as of now with the Beer Expert ruling the roost costing $3 to the beer aficionado. Brewster which is available for free and Beer Map, available for$1 are the ones to follow the list of most popular beer apps.

iPhone nevertheless has Pintley in its ranks which in itself, is an iPhone-only app and brilliant in its working. These apps and many more apps can help a beer guzzler to the dizzying selection that would help anyone with a beer which can go well with a particular meal. The apps can tell you where you can find your preferred beer in a particular place or a place nearby to it.

BeerCloud, has a whopping database of more than 2,900 beers and helps out beer lovers to search through the whole list by entering different criteria. Beer recommendations can be seen and you might glean your favorites from those suggested.

One can even simply peruse an index of ales, lagers and mixes which are further categorized. You can even search by parts of a full name. Beer enthusiasts will also like the details such as alcohol content and other statistics related to the taste and odor of the beer. The app can help you out with a store that you would need to drink your favorite beer.

There is an app named Find Craft Beer which actually does what the name suggests. You can enter a location and set the settings so that the results are according to your preferences. The search results includes most pubs, breweries, stores etc in its database.

Even Beer Map is similar to Find Craft Beer. Another app Beermap lets you post reviews of various beer establishments and stores. But BeerCloud presents the most comprehensive information and is quite accurate enough too.

Pintley, as mentioned earlier is the best iPhone app for beer lovers with 17000 beer types in its database with a recommendation engine. It is like the Pandora radio app for beer. You will get ideas for different beer types with the information. The recommendations pour in as soon as you complete a brief survey about your tastes. Pintley even offers tasting notes left out by other users.


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