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1 Jul 2017

How to Avoid Exploding Home Brew Bottles


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Posted By Gordon R.

It happened to me and to most beginning brewers but you have a good change to avoid exploding home brew bottles if you read this article. Because having the right home brew bottle will literally make or break a home beer brewing creation.

Proper home brew bottles are not the first materials you think of when starting to brew beer but when you find your basement full of glass and the ceiling and walls look like they just had a bad paint job you know you should have. I bought some of those less expensive types of home brew bottles that where made from thin glass and as I learned the hard way those are not very effective at controlling the temperature of the home brew.

You can learn a lot about brewing online but this is one of those articles you should take at heart. You should just know about all you want to know what not to do, what circumstances to avoid and how to avoid them.

This article then, is to help you avoid exploding home brew bottles. It offers advice on 5 things you must avoid if you want to use home brew bottles.

With that preamble then, listed below are the 5 things you need to avoid:

1. Don't use home brew bottles made from glass. The reason why you should not do this is glass home brew bottles are easier to break.. Alternatively, it could be far better to use plastic home brew bottles.

2. Don't store the bottles to hot. The reasoning behind this is that fermenting fluids will expand and that could cause glass home brew bottles to explode. Alternatively, you could potentially simplify things and just keep them at a cool but not cold place like basement or garage.

3. Don't forget to sanitize the home brew bottles. Clearly that is to stop bacteria from growing and adding pressure to the bottle. And what you would like to do instead is sanitize everything thoroughly, hoses, beergun and bottles .

4. Don't buy cheap glass beer bottles. The reasoning of why this can be a mistake is that they are most likely thinner and therefore easier to break. As an alternative you really should use proper PET home brew bottles or glass bottles form a company you know and trust.

5. Make sure that the first fermentation process is totally completed. This is the most common mistake people make because the cause of exploding home brew bottles is that the beer has not been fully fermented before bottling. Instead, keep in mind that fermenting just takes time.

Take care to avoid all 5 of the items mentioned and your chances to avoid exploding home brew bottles could be greatly improved. Keep to the alternatives mentioned, or just about any positive action you want. But at all cost avoid these mistakes.

Brewing your own beer is a wonderful hobby, just make sure you avoid the mistakes I made and every one of your brews will be a big success.


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