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9 Jul 2017

All You Need To Know About Homebrew Kits

Homebrew kits are most convenient for recent converts. It already includes the most basic of materials needed in brewing your beer.

12 Jul 2017

Hungary For Wine

Despite what many may think, the area known as Hungary holds more wine tradition than any other country in Europe.

21 Jul 2017

If You Want A Can't Miss Gift For A Guy Try A Beer Gift

Let's face it, if there is one thing that most men can't get enough of it has to be beer. There's just something about the taste of a good cold beer especially on a hot summer day.

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  •   9 Jul 2017   Posted By Maria B.   36 Favs   0 Comments

    Beer Drinking Marathon Or With Friends At The Beer Gardens?

    While beer drinking seems to be an American past time, especially when sports are on, or the buddies are around or, or, or, there never seems to be an end of reasons, drink beer while running a race?

    Unbelievably, there are several races that taut beer drinking while running.

  •   1 Jul 2017   Posted By Gordon R.   73 Favs   0 Comments

    How to Avoid Exploding Home Brew Bottles

    It happened to me and to most beginning brewers but you have a good change to avoid exploding home brew bottles if you read this article. Because having the right home brew bottle will literally make or break a home beer brewing creation.

  •   6 Jul 2017   Posted By Darin G.   9 Favs   0 Comments

    How to Make Easy and Fun Homemade Wine

    All right, you want to make some great homemade wine, but you do not have the money for all of the equipment, ingredients, nor do you have months to wait! It's all right though; thanks to no little ingenuity (and sometimes some strong taste buds), you can make wine in your home using the most basic of household materials.