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28 Jun 2017

Big-League Virginia's Breweries Introduce Farm Craft Beer Events


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Posted By Lionel F.

Craft beer is gaining popularity across the United States and influencing the way people consume beer. Craft brewers now account for almost one-fifth of total beer market sales, produced in some 3,400 small breweries across the nation, according to the Brewers Association. Mirroring the national trend, consumer demand for craft beer is growing in Virginia as well.

Virginia Breweries:

Virginia's brewery scene is growing and isn't likely to lose momentum anytime soon. Approximately 36.6% of the total square footage currently occupied by breweries and brewpubs has opened since 2013. Today's total inventory is estimated to be over 1,660,000 square feet with 140 locations open throughout the state. Virginia's flourishing craft beer industry is contributing to new opportunities for Virginia farmers and creating jobs in rural areas.

Breweries are re-purposing the space and creating unique experiences for their consumers. As breweries continue to gain popularity, their ambiance will be just as important in attracting consumers as their beer taste and quality.

Majority of these up-class breweries have the perfect combination of world class beer blended in a creative atmosphere. These brewery setups recently opened on a working farm with horse stables and pastures surrounding the tasting room. Some of the breweries offer tours of the farm, allowing guests to visit the horses and walk through the hop fields, as well as enjoy a full restaurant menu.

Craft Beer Events:

Virginia offers true local flavors at more than 100 craft breweries. Get a sample of the finest beers at one of these upcoming farm craft beer events.   

A. Steal the Glass - Throatlatch Pint!

Here you get a chance to come over, hang out with friends, and fill up your glasses with the utterly famous Stable Craft beverage in this steal the glass craft beer event in VA.

B. Steal the Mug - St Patty's Style

Many Virginia major brewers are giving you the chance to steal one-of-a-kind St. Patty's mug perfect for your coffee, hot tea or even a beer!

C. Farm Smoked Ribs!

Craft Beer events in Virginia introduce farm smoked ribs just for you which are smoked until tender and smothered with beer infused BBQ sauce, which is something you do not want to miss!

D. Orme Storm St. Patty's Eve

In this beer event, a stellar band awaits all the music lovers. Come and spend your time in the most musical way.


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